Zudo Music: Google Cloud Migration Delivers Scalability, Efficiency & Security

Business Challenge

  • Zudo Music’s application was hosted in Heroku featuring a legacy version of Ruby on Rails along with dependent modules and gems.
  • The current state and environment left Zudo with dependencies, application maintenance challenges, high cloud costs, and zero logging and monitoring abilities.
  • Zudo Music’s users were growing rapidly and their team knew these dependencies would prohibit them from scaling as needed.

Business Solution

  • 66degrees successfully migrated the entire application stack into Google Cloud.
  • To reduce costs, 66degrees built the application in Docker, deployed into CloudRun & CloudSQL to maintain security.
  • Cloud Storage Transfer service was used to sync the contents from S3 to Cloud Storage. The new solution also provides centralized logging & monitoring using Stackdriver improving efficiency.

Business Value Delivered

Zudo Music’s migration from Heroku to Google Cloud has resulted in better performance of the application & has provided a platform for centralized logging, monitoring, and security. A fully automated CI/CD process using Cloud Build has significantly improved the software delivery process. Zudo Music can now scale based on its growing user base while maintaining tight cost and security controls.

Industry: Technology & Software

Project Highlight

Zudo Music is a searchable music library that provides content creators with a truly customized production experience. 66degrees facilitated the migration from Heroku to Google Cloud Platform on a tight budget to cut cloud costs by ~50% and provide strong security and scalability to support their growing user base.


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